Employee Tracking and Work from Home Software to Manage Activities and Productivity

Track all the activities that the employees do during the workday.

Website History

Track all website visits within your organization

Social Media Activity Report

You can track all social media activity of your employee with URL and screenshots.

Time Sheet

Tracks login and logout time of your employee with idle time logs and active and productive time analysis.

Behaviors Analysis

Tracks abusive, malicious and threat-full behavior within your organization

Alert Manager

You can manage alerts on typed words, copied text, deleted/copied file, Website visits, Bandwidth usage etc

USB Storage

Tracks and logs USB Storage inserts (Pen Drive, Hard Disk etc)


Fetches screenshot of employee’s computer every 10 minutes and can be customized

Software Usage

Tracks and records all software usage and employee productivity analysis

Keyboard Activity

Logs all keystrokes, clipboard operations in real time

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