Refund Policy

At Innocode Ventures, we strive our best to make sure that a customer is completely satisfied with our products and/or services. Accordingly, our team facilitates processing orders efficiently and makes sure that the process is completed, to the complete satisfaction of our customer.
Free/Demo/Trial version:
Our EnDetect software and related services are available for purchase on our website and with our partners and affiliates. We provide various free trial periods and demos so that you could easily evaluate our products before you make a purchase decision. The trial period helps you evaluate the product to make sure that the software meets all your desired needs before you purchase a license. All of our software is functional during the trial period and may require registration to enable its primary functionality.
Final Version:
On the actual/final purchase of software and post-payment clearance, your license to use the software will be activated. After the activation of the license, in normal circumstances, you won’t be entitled to any refunds. For more details in this regard, you can mail us at billing@endetect.com
In some special circumstances, say, you have a special request/concern in this regard, the decision as to refund by the Innocode management will be final and binding. You can write to us at billing@endetect.com with proper details and supporting documents. Management may decide on the request received, after taking into consideration the facts and circumstances of the case.

Customer Support
If you have any queries, do call our help desk at +91-11-41193592 or email us at support@endetect.com.

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